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Onyemaechi C. Nweke, Dr.P.H., MPH | Principal


I founded this firm because I believe there are many missed opportunities for business, government, and communities to co-create healthy and thriving places and people. My goal is to enable organizations and stakeholders engage in innovative, comprehensive, and lasting collaborations to co-produce social and economic value to the benefit of people and places in the United States and globally. I was raised as an oil sector community stakeholder in a business and regulatory environment where stakeholders' needs and interests were an afterthought or less. With the passage of time, the devastating negative consequences and exorbitant costs of neglecting stakeholder needs and interests on businesses, government, and communities emerged, with no winners on all sides. Stakeholder  exclusion destroyed cultural institutions, traditional ways of life, social norms, government institutions, the educational system to mention a few, and introduced entrenched economic deprivation, severe income inequality, and a culture of dependency, violence, and crime. There is a different path, which if taken benefits communities, businesses, and government. Through this consulting practice, I combine 20 years of work in public health practice, public policy-making, and public-private coalition building, and many more years of lived experience to enable communities, businesses, and government acquire the knowledge, tools, and motivation to co-produce economic and social value. I am a systems thinker, creative mind, and optimist, and I know society will be healthier and more prosperous if all stakeholders are valued equally at all decision-making tables.


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  • Doctor of Public Health (Dr.P.H.), Environmental Health Sciences, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD

  • Master of Public Health (MPH), Environmental and Occupational Health, Saint Louis University College of Social Justice and Public Health, Saint Louis, MO

Areas of Expertise: Strategic planning, cross-sector partnerships, needs assessment, stakeholder engagement, policy-making, health and social inequities, environmental health, environmental justice, and program design and implementation